Picnic Concert in the Botanical Garden - Danièle Pascal 27 March 16

Tuesday, 01 March 2016 13:31


Sunday, 27 March 2016

Join us at the Garden Route Botanical Garden to watch this amazing artist perform.

DATE:  Sunday, 27 March 2016

TIME:  16H00


Bring a picnic basket, chairs or blankets
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Danièle Pascal - Paris Mon Amour

French born entertainer and playwright Danièle Pascal has earned widespread
critical acclaim in South Africa and abroad for her interpretation of the music of
Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Marlene Dietrich,the great French legends and the French
Cafe song. She continues to expand her French and English cabaret song in
fascinating ways.

A recipient of several theatre and service awards, this ambassador of the French
Chanson is multi-platinum selling recording artist, actor and playwright and the
doyenne of the French chanson on the South African cabaret scene.

Born and raised in the South of France, she began her career in Canada and the
USA performing in musicals, music-theatre, plays and cabarets, developing an
adoring audience. She has performed as a soloist on many occasions with the Cape
Philharmonic Orchestra, KZN Philharmonic Orchestra and the Namibian Symphony

She popularized the French chanson to new levels with her unique and intimate
approach and nowhere is the French tradition better expressed than in her
repertoire. Danièle has been compared to Edith Piaf and is affectionately known at
“Piaf” amongst her fans and clients. Her style is elegant, classic, sophisticated, and
she has a wonderful cross-over appeal and adored by her fans.

As a music theatre /dinner-theatre pioneer, this veteran entertainer remains an
influential force on the South African entertainment circuit since her arrival in South
Africa in 1985, inspiring and influencing many South African performers with her style
of music and theatre presentation. Always the cultural activist and trendsetter,
Daniele continues in her efforts bridging the cultural divide between France and
South Africa. She introduced South African audiences to various entertainment
genres that include cabaret, music theatre, French Café music, chanson, Berlin
cabaret, rock musicals, French Jazz , FAK songbook adaptations into French which
resulted into the Afrikaans crossover album Tydloos, to works diverse as Berthold
Brecht and Kurt Weill, Federico Garcia Lorca, Marianne Faithful and Leonard Cohen
- a longtime friend whom she performed with during her sojourn in Canada.

Pascal is at the top of her game, celebrating 50 years in show business. She sings
with sincerity, drama and wit. She defies the years with her sheer elegance and
theatrical voice – a wisdom that only comes with age. She is warm, enthusiastic,
sincere and generous. This golden-hearted chanteuse has journeyed a long way
from her famed niche of the glory days of cabaret and today she is better than
ever, dramatic, wise and experienced.

Daniele will take you on a romantic musical journey singing in French, German,
English and Flemish well-known songs of Edith Piaf, Cole Porter, Charles Aznavour,
Marlene Dietrich, Jacques Brel and songs from her best-selling albums. She will
enchant and entertain you with her unique style and classic joie de vivre. She is
accompanied on piano by Liza Joubert, a well known classical concert pianist ,
(from liza se klavier fame) who will also play a short interlude of ragtime music.

Don’t miss this top class concert artist and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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