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49 Caledon St  



From Wilderness | Knysna | PE (N2) Direction - continue with main road (becomes Courtney Rd) enter George that passes the Garden Route Mall into the center of town. Keep an eye out for the main circle that intersect with York St. 

From Oudtshoorn (N9) Direction - enter George with CJ Lagenhoven St and continue through the first circle (Engen Garage on left) until a 2nd circle. Follow road through a dip and over stop street. Continue until just before main circle that joins Courtney and York St. Turn left in Caledon and follow road 1km until Gardens appears on your left.

 GPS CO-ORDS:             
33⁰ 56’50.90 S / 
22⁰ 27’48.35 E
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Tel:          +27 44 874 1558 (OFFICE)

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TEA GARDEN Getafix Garden Café: 

044 873 5729 / / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



September - April:      07h00 – 19h00

May - August:             07h30 – 18h00


ENTRANCE FEES:  R10.00 per person. Children under 12 get in for free, if accompanied by an adult. 



Monday - Friday     08h00 – 17h00

Saturday:  08h00 - 13h00

NURSERY Open every Saturday of the month from 09h00 - 13h30. 


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